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[Susan notes: We should all follow this good example and protest NPR's propaganda for the Common Core.


Submitted to NPR Morning Edition but not published

To the editor

Re: Education Reform Movement Learns Lesson From Old Standards

So NPR has joined the propaganda outlets touting the CCSS version of standardized education as a cure-all for what ails American public education. More and better standardized educational experience that will be controlled and measured with high stakes standardized test scores? Standardized educational experience and in particular, CCSS will do nothing to improve children's learning experiences in American classrooms. The elements for improving educational experience for all American children are still not in place: Personal time and attention from teachers through smaller class sizes, stable home lives, reduction of food insecurity, regular experiences in fine arts education and opportunities for student's self determination of educational experience. These factors are critical for improving American education, but alas...what children got instead? More standardized testing. The idea that you can improve children's educational experiences by ignoring their physiological and psycho-emotional needs and imposing authoritarian, no excuses, get tough policies on them and their teachers is anathema to improving the human condition and human potential. What you will end up with is more standardized children and the victims of the system that perpetuates the standardization of the human mind. What about the states, whose educational standards are some of the highest in the country? If this article is about moving all state standards to a level playing field, what will we learn then about standardized educational experience? What you will learn is that the CCSS are nothing more than more of the same old, same old. Children will remain outside the decision making processes central to the learning experiences they must participate in, and teachers will be forced to teach to the test.

Clyde Gaw

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