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[Susan notes: Kent Brockman speaks for MANY teachers in his powerful statement rebutting Peter Cunningham's whiny attack on Diane Ravitch. Cunningham seems to be trying to refute Diane's upcoming book. He hasn't read it but he's running scared already. Cunningham is former Assistant Secretary for Communications and Outreach, U.S. Department of Education, where he 'was responsible for messaging the President and Secretary's education agenda.' This rant is interesting because it is so contrary to his former messaging technique.

Now Cunningham is president of Cunningham Communications, a Chicago firm specializing in communications focused on education, government, and economic development for public, private and non-profit clients.

And he is on the team with Whiteboard Advisors (http://www.whiteboardadvisors.com/node/612), where he 'advises clients on strategic communications and thought leadership.' So if you decide to waste your time reading his post at Huffington, think of it as 'strategic communication' from a self-proclaimed 'thought leader.' A con man.

Who is the client he's messaging for in this rant on Ravitch? He's spent his career 'playing nice,' so what's this really about?]

Published in Huffington Post

To Peter Cunningham

'...we can discuss it like adults with intellectual rigor and mutual respect and adjust accordingly.'

No Pete, we can't. You gave up your end of the 'Mutual Respect' conversation when you deprofessionalized my life's work. Your policies took what was once an institution foundered upon collaboration for the common good of all students within a community and reduced it to a market based competitive model.

50% of my shiny new evaluation is now based upon students in my classes making more growth on in non-normed once a year tests than those students in the classroom next door. And no, you do not get to use my love for the children as a bullywhip against me.

I hope you and Arnie make good use of your thirty pieces of silver. You sure have earned them.

Kent Brockman

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