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[Susan notes: What are the chances that David Brooks' home paper, The New York Times, would ever print such a letter? People should write letters wherever Brooks' words appear.

My only quarrel here is that Brooks is an opinionator, not a journalist.]

Published in The State South Carolina

To the editor

I wish journalists such as David Brooks would do research before they try to "enlighten" the world with their ill-formed opinions ("The circus descends on Common Core," May 20).

If he has a journalist's bone left in his body, he'll be curious enough to look at what the respected educators in opposition are saying. There are literally thousands of references online if you research "Stop Common Core."

Real educators who actually read the standards do not like them. The enlightened opposition is trying to educate the populace about how the Department of Education got around its own rules not to nationalize education by calling it a "state-driven initiative," when it was not. If you want to know who the protagonists are, just follow the money. Selling every school in the nation patented software and hardware will be a real coup.

Common Core was approved by going around legislators and getting governors to sign up, bribed by the chance to win "Race To the Top" money and told they'd no longer have to use the hated "No Child Left Behind" program if they adopted it.

That way, the big businesses that will reap billions from getting their program nationalized and required did not have to face the scrutiny of all those pesky legislators.

When you control the tests and the texts, even for home-schooled kids, you control the curricula.

Vera Holroyd

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