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[Susan notes: Another letter published praises this program. Not surprising, it is written by 'founder and chief executive of LiveSchool, a web-based platform that helps teachers increase student motivation.'

For my comments on this travesty, start with AGHHHHHH!]

Published in New York Times

To the editor

Re Clicks, Not Gold Stars (Business Day, Nov. 17):

ClassDojo, a classroom behavior-tracking app that, you report, “lets teachers award points or subtract them based on a student’s conduct,” seems like a bad idea. The student’s behavior and compliance are recorded publicly. Who would enjoy or profit from that?

Next, his parents may be notified, in real time, of their child’s loss of points. What a way to squash the child’s developing independence, his ability to learn from his own mistakes, and his relationship with his teacher.

And why should a public-school teacher connect his students, by name, to a company that may market additional services to parents, and may advertise to users based on their "personally identifiable information"?

The company's claim that the student records will be retained for just a year ("School Tracking App Won't Keep Data," Business Day, Nov. 19) only reduces the amount of time the company has to use the students’ information to market its questionable products. This is just more privatizing and profiteering in our public schools.

I feel sad for the hard-working students mentioned in the article who must each come up to the board to give himself or herself a point after a good class discussion. There must be something more interesting or enjoyable they could do with their time.

The writer is a retired public school principal and education professor.

Mary Ellen Levin

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