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[Susan notes: I tried to comment on this piece--online at the New York Times, pointing out that in the comments section, the 'Times Picks' closely aligned with the position of the Times Editorial Board position on Common Core, while readers' picks were an entirely different matter. The Times refused to post my observation. Usually my comments are accepted. In fact, my comment on a disgusting reaction of Harvard Business School audience to an appearance of Dennis Kozloski, posted right after the Common Core testing comment was posted immediately.

The moral is: Harvard Business School is fair game, but don't try to criticize the New York Times editorial board.

I'll admit that my comment was not subtle:

The Times' 'picks' on this article reflect their editorial stance, meaning they highlight a lot of hogwash

So it goes. ]

Published in New York Times

To the editor

Re As New Testing Is Ushered In, Some Sit It Out (front page, March 2):Some axioms about standardized tests include the following:

1) They test students̢۪ ability to take tests, not what they have learned.

2) They push aside important subjects that should be studied in primary and secondary education, because teachers are pressured to "teach to the test."

3) Evaluations made on the basis of one high-stakes test are invalid and unfair.

4) Standardized testing kills the joy and excitement of learning because it creates fear and anxiety.

These are widely understood negatives. They weigh heavily and should be seriously considered.

The writer is an adjunct professor of English at Kingsborough Community College, CUNY.

Bruce Chadwick

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