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[Susan notes: In a phone call today, George Schmidt, publisher/editor of Substance, mentioned how important it is that a few of us have stuck with this struggle for the long view and are able to testify to that view. Don's letter is a perfect example of another "long view" participant in this struggle. We can all profit from his reminder to the Greeley Tribune ]

Published in Greeley Tribune

To the editor

In the summer of 2013 readers of the Greeley Tribune learned about the violations of protocols in the Johnstown/Milliken school district. These violations centered around irregularities in the administration of high stakes standardized testing. News accounts throughout the nation have sounded the alarm of "test tampering" and in August of 2013, this news became local. The Editorial Board of the Greeley Tribune made this statement in their August 17th, 2013 issue: "Perhaps it is time to reassess whether we should put so much emphasis on TCAP scores to measure the success of our schools. Standardized test scoresâ€Â¦are more likely to mirror the demographics at the school than be a true measure of the quality of instruction."

Now, two years later, let us ask if anything has changed Well, the tests have a new acronym, the almost indecipherable PARCC in place of TCAP, which took the place of CSAP. Parents and their children throughout the nation, more aware now than ever before that these tests have nothing to do with the learning process and everything to do with socio-economic status, are choosing to say NO to the testing regimen. That statement by the Tribune editorial board two years ago still resonates, and is still true. Something else has changed. Adams State and Aims Community College have agreed to study results. What do you think their investigations will reveal? Perhaps the editorial board will soon reconsider this latest statement of March 17, a statement without a shred of support: "Using standardized tests to measure how well our young people are learning is necessary."

Don Perl, The Coalition for Better Education, Inc.

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