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[Susan notes: The subtitle of the Wall Street Journal editorial was "A case study in how unions undermine teacher accountability." Sara Stevenson, an Austin, TX middle school librarian resistor,

I first published a letter of protest by Sarah, an Austin, TX middle school librarian resister, in October of 2004. In 2005, I was yelling "Three cheers!" for her work. She even has her own cartoon here.

And so on and so on through the years.

It's time to say THREE CHEERS! again.]

Published in Wall Street Journal

To the editor

Re: WSJ Dec. 28 editorial Cuomo's Education Retreat

You blame unions for students opting out of the Common Core tests; you seem to like blaming teachers' unions for everything.

The new Common Core tests are a disaster. Tests are not sent down by heaven. They are imperfect instruments that can be designed to pass and fail any percentage of students. You canĂ¢€™t seriously believe that the children in New York City public schools are suddenly 30%-50% less intelligent than they were the previous year.

In addition, teachers are right to object to being fired after two consecutive "ineffective" ratings based on their student test scores.

Do we fire dentists if their patients forget to floss and have cavities? Is it the doctor's fault each time a patient dies? Tying employment to student test scores only encourages teachers to flee from teaching our most challenging students while encouraging test prep instead of dynamic, engaging instruction.

Stop blaming teachers unions. The parents rightly revolted against Common Core because it was bad policy.

Sara Stevenson

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