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[Susan notes: Georgia's letter is strong and important. When the very basics of humanity are violated, we cannot remain silent.]

Submitted to Orlando Sun-Sentinel but not published

To the editor

I just read your piece about the FCAT and the child with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I read what your person in a position of power had to say about 'starting dangerous precedents'. Am I alone in seeing the madness in her comment? Is she unbalanced or something? What sort of person deals with suffering in the manner that she demonstrated?

Besides the absolute horror of what she has done to that family and that child, I wonder about the state of Florida itself. What sort of mentality allows such a person to be in a position of power?

She has no clue as to what PTS does to someone. In the same manner, she has therefore no sensitivity to other mental instabilities. On the other hand, if the child were shot and bleeding visual blood all over the floor, I cannot in my wildest imagination imagine she would say: 'Oh no. He goes nowhere. It would start dangerous precedents.' (If nothing else, the blood would wrinkle up the answer sheet as the child would be taking the test and invalidate it. And every test sheet must be valid, don't you know!!)

Here is a child whose heart has been hacked into pieces, but because she cannot see those pieces, her answer is: 'test on, and on!' What sort of administration does Florida have to allow such a person in office?

To say I am horrified is to put it mildly. Of one thing I am sure--retired though I am, and with Motorhome, too, never in my waning years will we ever set foot in Florida. As surely as we would avoid a Death Camp, or Guantanamo Bay Incarcerations, so too will we avoid Florida.

What a frightening mentality reigns there!

Georgia Hedrick

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