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[Susan notes: Other people who care about students should follow Steve's example and write Mayor Bloomberg. Let him know the whole world is watching.]

Submitted to Mayor Bloomberg but not published

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May 27, 2004

To: Mayor Bloomberg

New York City, New York

Tel: 212-788-3000 / Fax: 212-788-9711

This fax contains 01 pages including this page

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

From Birmingham, Alabama, one of the cradles of the civil rights movement of this country, I urge you and the New York City Department of Education to cease any legal actions against Jane Hirschman and any other representatives of Time Out From Testing. I support the democratic rights of Ms. Hirschman, Time Out From Testing and other student advocates to speak out against standards and testing, including the NYC third grade test in particular. Rather than adversary legal action, Ms. Hirschman should receive a civic courage commendation for shedding light on the validity of standardized testing and the tragic consequences for New York City kids subjected to this racial profiling.

I look forward to learning that any actions against student advocates have been dropped. If you have any questions or require further information or clarification, please contact me.

Warmest peacebuilding greetings,

Steve Orel

Executive Director

Steve Orel, Executive Director, The WOO

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