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Published in South Florida Sun-Sentinel

To the editor

The Broward County school system is failing our children.

It is quickly eliminating vital subjects like history to favor Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test preparation and accelerated reading days. It is not acceptable to me as a parent, to know my child's education is nothing more than extensive test preparation.

Our children are being shortchanged and overstressed to perform on a test and are being denied a true education.

The School Board is making our children accountable for a school's performance, which to me is a twofold issue. When teachers are doing their jobs, three months of preparation and shortening summer vacations would not be necessary.

Months of mindless writing prompts can't take the place of teaching a child creative writing skills. Daily test packets can't take the place of teaching a meaningful curriculum.

By allowing test preparation to be the school's only curriculum, they openly reject the notion that children are individuals and all have different styles of learning.

Our children are being denied science experiments, creative writing, history lessons and hands-on learning in favor of yet another practice worksheet or even more astounding, days set aside weekly where nothing but reading takes place in each subject.

The School Board's actions are causing children to lose the love of learning that was instilled before the test preparations took on their current fervor. They are force-feeding a generation of children when all that is necessary is to teach them to feed themselves.

The Broward County school system is denying our children the right to an adequate education, with "education" being the operative word.

Carolyn Rampone

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