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[Susan notes: This writer offers a steaming indictment of politicians.]

Published in Danvers Herald

To the editor

Here’s to dear old Boston

The home of the bean and cod

Where politicians think they are teachers

And make MCAS final reward.

How smart are the state people who regulate the MCAS? Have any one of them even taught school? Do they know what is developmentally or age appropriate? If they want our children to succeed, why on earth would they hold the MCAS the one week of the year when everyone is suffering from jet lag? That’s right. Our esteemed politicians hold MCAS during the return of Daylight Savings time. Everyone knows what fun it is to lose an hour sleep, and remember good old Robert Louis Stevenson.

“In winter I get up at night,

and dress by yellow candlelight.

In summer quite the other way.

I have to go to bed by day.”

And how many elementary students want to go to bed by day? So they end up losing an hour or two at night and an hour in the morning. Then they are expected to be all bright eyed and bushy tailed just itching to get at those tests. This year the politicians added double trouble to the testing program. They also mandated the test start the week after Easter when the children would be on a sugar high, just like the Energizer Bunny, their minds keep going and going and going.

If this sounds harsh and sarcastic that’s good because I’m sick of politicians trying to run our schools. Leave education to educators and then maybe the saying “No Child Left Behind,” will have a better chance of becoming a reality for all of our children.

Mother and educator

Cynthia Hawkes Meehan

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