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[Susan notes: It is good to remind people of this report. Public memory is so short.]

Submitted to Washington Post but not published

To the editor

Responding to Ms. Spellman’s “Law of the land” editorial (Washington Post, April 2, 2005) on the No Child Left Behind act, I would like to point out that it is the people who decide the law of this land and in coordination with their elected legislators make their voices heard.

You both ask the question: “Why all the noise about No Child Left Behind, and why now?” and trivialize the voice of the people and the voice of their electorate with a reference to an “adjustment period”, ignoring the voiced criticisms of the act and restating your “nonnegotiable” stance on the continued implementation of the act and the seriously flawed program of “assessment, measurement and accountability” which are the core issues of major concern and criticism.

Please kindly review the NCSL Task Force on No Child Left Behind Report , an

Executive Summary, of 10 months research which included the objectives to “consult with practitioners and other experts, examine the pertinent literature and research, and formulate a comprehensive set of recommendations geared toward improving the No Child Left Behind law”, and was in response to “an unprecedented number of inquiries” by the people of this land. In it, you will find the answers to your questions about the problems with the act and the thoughtful research and results of the people and their legislators on the methods that might rehabilitate our failing education system and reverse some of the damage resulting from this severely flawed act.

None of the people of this land are arguing against the immediacy of needs in our schools for equitable, challenging, academic opportunity, but, what you are missing is the fact that everyone is asking for an opportunity to make the changes that will matter for our students not our political party.

Anne E. Levin Garrison

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