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[Susan notes: We need to repeat this theme of liveable wage jobs over and over. We need to learn to be as relentless in an on-target message as are those feeding at the coporate trough.]

Submitted to New York Times but not published

To the editor

"Standing Firm for The No Child Left Behind Act" (NY Times 4/22) doesn’t ensure closing the achievement gap between white and minority students. Recent articles in the N Y Times would like readers to believe that anyone who is against the NCLB Act is against civil rights and equality for the poor.

If the Federal Government was really serious about closing the gap and educating all of its children fairly and with equality, it would be doing more to assist poor and minority families. I believe the Federal Government could go a long way in helping families by helping to provide livable wage jobs, access to health insurance and neighborhoods that do not resemble a third world country. The unemployed and underemployed families need assistance from a government that would rather give tax breaks to its wealthiest, than give relief to its poorest citizens.

The April 22, NY Times editorial wants to blame the teacher’s union for the plight of the nations poorest students. The fact that the C.E.O.’s salary and perks can be as high as 532 times higher as one of its workers is a sign of the times in this nation. Something is wrong with a country so rich that it could afford massive tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate greed to be patriotic, while millions of people are without health insurance and without a “quality education.”

The article suggests “Right now, everyone who cares about quality education for all children should be working to make that happen…. Too bad that doesn’t really mean “everyone.”

Joan LoCurto

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