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[Susan notes: What good strategy to list the professional organizations that declare one test should never be used the way high-stakes tests are being used.]

Published in Olympian

To the editor

The editors of the Olympian have falsely represented the position of Mothers Against WASL. Our members believe strongly in high expectations and quality public education for all students. This is the reason we oppose WASL as a high-stakes test and the driver of school policy and curriculum.

Mothers Against WASL is not alone! The Washington State School Directors Association, the Washington Education Association, the National PTA, the

American Educational Research Association, the American Association of School Administrators and others share our position. Their stand and ours: One test should never be used to determine the future or placement of a child, the funding

of a school or the quality of teaching. WASL is slated to determine all of these things.

It is time for lawmakers to ask why, after twelve years of very expensive school reform, fewer graduates are able to balance a checkbook or succeed at college level math. We believe the answer lies in the lack of foundational skills being taught, as teachers have been forced to conform to WASL standards.

WASL was never intended to be the driver of reform. It was intended to be a part of an assessment package. Lawmakers and editorial boards need to think critically about WASL and school reform rather than simply swallowing and

regurgitating the propaganda of the state superintendent and the Washington Roundtable. When this happens, it will no longer be necessary for Mothers Against WASL to march on the capitol.

Juanita Doyon, Director, Mothers Against WASL

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