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[Susan notes: Good for Mary, building on the positive, making her points by first agreeing with what the newspaper has printed. Too often, we're provoked to write only when we want to shout. A bit of honey goes a long way.]

Submitted to Denver Post but not published

To the editor

Great insight and a viable, practical educational model as proposed by Ed Lyell. This guy is right on the money. Finally someone who sees children as they are: unique and inquisitive when learning is presented in such a way as to stimulate their eager, young minds w/what they perceive as useful and important to them. The basics such as math, reading, science, etc. will fall into place when individually-designed plans are utilized.

Forget about CSAP. This one size fits all "program" does not work and is just a cash cow (read $16 million per year) for McGraw Hill publishing and other vested interests who are taking advantage of a captive market (our children).

Education begins at home and parents need to realize their important role in instilling the seeds of learning which allow their children to flourish in school. There are many facets of intelligence and testing programs such as CSAP

only concentrate on rote learning of mostly useless facts and memory retention. CSAP's main role is to marginalize and threaten schools w/charter conversion if they don't measure up. Privatization for promoting agendas of those

invested in seeing their idealogies furthered is the end goal here.

And finally, as parents w/a full plate, we need to make the time to get involved in our schools by knowing what is going on in the classroom and making our voices heard. Believe me, when you show up, whether your child is embarrassed or not, a teacher takes notice and ideally, standards are raised. I've had this experience of volunteering in my children's schools over the years and

your presence and concern does make a difference.

Mary Hendrick

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