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[Susan notes: The article to which this letter refers is in Outrage of the Day.]

Submitted to Washington Post but not published

To the editor

It is fruitless to try to convince Mr. McClusky and others of like thinking that teachers wages for the work we do should not be of much greater value in our society than is currently provided. But at least some current hard facts could help. As far as salary comparissons from U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics we have these median salary comparissons in thousands (k) of dollars/yr.

Doctor 150k-306k

Lawyer 61-136k

Pharmacist 66-87k

Computer Programmer 51-80k

Civil Engineer 48-75k

Architect 44-74k

Chemist 46-86k

Nurse 40-57k

Teacher 39-44k

To compare what we would make if we worked 50 weeks/yr as compared to the 40weeks/yr we do "work" is again without foundation. When you calculate the number of hours an average teacher spends beyond the 8hr day ( minimum of 2hrs each night plus at least another 4 on weekends ) you would have nearly 11 more weeks of "work". Not only this but teachers spend much of their summer taking courses to enhance their level of expertise, attend conferences and workshops as well as preparation for the following year, the vast majority of these expenses, not even counting the time, comes out of our own pocket.

Mr. Mc Clusky is wrong about a great many things. It is not the salary that he really is concerned about. The fact is that he simply does not value what we do as a service to our communities. I have been a physics teacher for over 38years. I thank God, that I have had parents and students and my own family that have affirmed my choice to teach. Were it up to them our salaries could be as great as some CEO's , perhaps even a professional sports athlete...but of course that would be in another universe.

Rog Lucido

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