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[Susan notes: Comments from Annie: I thought, maybe, I could tackle the two horrible situations at one time. One, the hellish start times, and two, the relentless demands of NCLB. ]

Published in The Sunday Capital

To the editor

Annapolis, MD.

Responding to a meeting with concerned parents who continue to ask for later high school start times, George P. Arlotto, Ed.D., Director of High Schools said that school Superintendent Kevin M. Maxwell "shared with me that he does not intend to move forward with a recommendation regarding changing the high school start times."

The current start times are outrageous. They have our children waking up at 5:30 in the morning, and catching busses before 6:30 a.m.

This is unhealthy and stressful for the children. It is an unwarranted additional burden on them, as they are already dealing with the relentless impact of greater "accountability" and "rigor" under the No Child Left Behind Act.

It is time for our community's public representatives to stop pretending that their ideas carry more weight than ours. It is time for public officials to listen and respond to our issues and concerns and realize that we are the public they serve.

Many of us in this community are tired of this kind of arrogance and stubborn dismissal of our voices.

If this superintendent, his staff, and the current members of our school board have another agenda than that of the community they serve, they need to take a serious look at the descriptions of their positions. It is they who serve to support and facilitate our agenda, not vice versa.

Anne E. Levin Garrison

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