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[Susan notes: Kudos to a student willing to speak up.]

Published in Los Angeles Times blog

To the editor

I am a senior at John Muir High school. Your articles last week, "Back to School" and "Troubled Times at Muir High," caused quite a stir at my school, and it certainly wasn't the positive energy and motivation my schoolmates desperately needed.

If you tell someone over and over again that he is a failure, it won't be long until he believes that a failure is all he is supposed to be, and failure is all that is expected from him.

For three years I've been reading articles in your newspaper lambasting and badmouthing Muir High.

What do you expect the students do when it seems like the entire city is ashamed of them?

The API score on which a school's success is rated is a gross misrepresentation of reality. I've seen students who have no interest in the Pythagorean Theorem or the American transcendentalist literature.

Anyone who hasn't spent weeks or months or years at Muir can't begin to appreciate the level of dedication of the majority of our teachers, some of whom have been at Muir for decades.

If we are as awful as your newspaper consistently makes us to be, what would be keeping them there?"

This editorial should make the Pasadena Star News and the Pasadena Weekly very ashamed, and I have to ask, why hasn't the Los Angeles Times stepped in here?? They could provide crucial information that Pasadena's papers are excluding or putting "spin" on. Muir high school, built in 1926, is nothing less than a Southland legendary institution (hello?). The Los Angeles Times is going to sit back and let it be slandered? That is not the Los Angeles Times that I thought I knew.

Christian Kooshian

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