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[Susan notes: Joseph Lucido is with Educators and Parents Against Test Abuse in Fresno, CA. It is terrific to let New York City schools chancellor Joel Klein know that the eyes of the country are on him. Please join the watchdog chorus.

Write him: jklein@schools.nyc.gov]

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Dear Joel Klein

The fact that Douglas Avella from IS 318 may be fired for the decision made on the students' part to boycott the end of the year tests is unjustified and unconscionable. The fact is, the state and city of New York have mired these kids in an entanglement of testing that delves into the realm of sickening abuse. Twenty three standardized tests throughout the year, the loss of recesses, extra test practice time, the loss of physical activity in some cases, and the narrowing of the curriculum has created an educational nightmare for families. As an educational leader, you are supposed to lead the teaching community with CLARITY and WISDOM about what is BEST for kids learning, as they develop into creative human beings that will be adult citizens of this country. The broad stroke of NCLB, the collective pressure from profiteering test companies, and those who wish to privatize education has nearly destroyed our public school system. The fact is too many studies have shown that the NCL

But the law is NOT working, standardized tests do NOT improve learning, and that children, when faced with these test anxieties, have dramatic brain changes that block them from truly learning and RETAINING information. Those students at that school were tired of the testing and the military regimentation of the curriculum that they were facing. You need to realize this as these students were brave enough to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Do NOT fire this teacher for the actions of students in pain.

Fresno, CA

Joseph Lucido

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