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[Susan notes: OK, I admit it: I love this letter. All letters should build on something positive the politico has done. Georgia does this with great flourish.

The letter was put in a book bag with a copy of When Childhood Collides with NCLB.

Participate in the campaign. Write a letter to a member of the House and Senate education committees. They will be deciding the future of NCLB.]

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To the Most Honorable Dennis Kucinich,

Representative from Ohio and to whose reelection campaign I donate monthly via credit card:

I believe in you. You have reaffirmed my belief time and time again, with the latest being the reading into record of the 35 Articles of Impeachment for George W. Bush. You missed the 36th crime: âhe has systematically and with great greed and malice arranged for the slow, methodical, and destructive takeover of the Public School System of these United States by corporate America through the guise of accountability of Law, HR 1, or No Child Left Behind.â I do not joke on this. I am serious.

I beg of you to read the book accompanying this note. The book, When Childhood Collides with NCLB, is written by Susan Ohanian, a person of great patriotism and vision, who presents before you the reality of what this alleged No Child Left Behind has done.

Read it, sir, not only with your eyes but with you very heart and soul.

Read it, because you will see then its destructive power over children.

Read it and know: I believe in youâthe last one good man left to tell the truth to Congress.

Georgia Hedrick

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