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[Susan notes: Take a careful look at the Education Week sponsors, underwriters, donors. He who pays the piper. . . . Angela Engel has written a strong letter, one that merits attention.]

Submitted to Education Week but not published

To the editor

I've been following your articles for over two years now. On several occasions I have found that your columnists coverage of complex and important educational issues to be shallow and often inaccurate. I've come to believe that Education Week is promoting a political agenda rather than an effective educational system and children who are prepared as democratic citizens, economic contributors, and developed human beings. Todays article, "Since NCLB Law, Test Scores on Rise", illustrates this position. All independent and professional research organization have confirmed the opposite of what this article has claimed. Test scores have stagnated or decreased and overall achievement has declined since the implementation of NCLB. What has risen are drop-out rates and juvenile incarcerations which none of your articles have conveyed. Review of the Center on Education and Policy quickly disclosed that John Jennings, the CEO and his staffers were instrumental in the passage of NCLB. It makes sense then that their "conclusions" would support NCLB and counter all other reseach studies challenging the law. The fact that Ed Week published this information without acknowledging the centers role in the authorization of NCLB, and without mention of any other studies, which all refute the Center on Education Policy, demonstrates journalistic fraudulence. It is the responsibility of media organizations and editors to do their homework. Our fragile democracy demands media sources dedicated to getting the whole story, accurately representing the truth, and a willingness to challenge and ask hard questions. Please remove me from your subscriber list. I do not believe Education Week to be a credible news source.

Angela Engel

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