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[Susan notes:

The author makes a great point. And he makes it

from a position of authority.]

Published in New York Times

To the editor

Re âCollege Panel Urges Shift Away From SATsâ

(news article, Sept. 22):

While I and many other school leaders have railed

against the SATs for many years, the report by a

commission of deans of admission of leading

colleges hints at an even more debilitating test


Members of the commission, and many other leaders

in higher education, declare a preference for

subject tests, like those administered by the

College Board, or other discipline-specific


The report suggests that such an approach would

âencourage high schools to broaden and improve

curricula.â As Gov. Sarah Palin said (or didnât

say), âThanks, but no thanksâ for this bridge to


Let us not subdue the frenzy to âgameâ one test

and set up a frenzy to âgameâ multiple

achievement tests. I can think of few

developments as dangerous as a system of

standardized achievement tests that drive high

school curriculums and leach originality,

creativity and individuality out of our schools.

We at the Calhoun School have abolished Advanced

Placement courses in order to keep our school

sane and because we donât want our students to be

in this crazy chase.

If a system of standardized achievement tests is

the proposed alternative, give me SAT test prep

any day.

Steve Nelson is Head, The Calhoun School

Steve Nelson

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