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Is Kindergarten Fiction Killing US Global Economy Competitiveness?

by Susan Ohanian

Mother Jones has a great environmental Doom Generator: Does Costco Destroy Baby Manatees?

Click on a button and a new gloom and doom headline appears:

  • Is your Gmail Account Killing the Planet?

  • Does Biting Your Nails Threaten the Siberian Tigers?

  • Are Organic Cupcakes Decimating the Hemp Supply?

  • And so on.

    We need to generate our own Education Reform doom generating headlines:

    Is Kindergarten Fiction Killing US Global Economy Competitiveness?

    But some of the Mother Jones headlines that pop up link to real stories: Is Your Favorite Organic Egg Brand a Factory Farm in Disguise?

    This could add to the fun. . . except suddenly it isn't funny any more.

    Pick the real from the not-yet-real:

  • Is Kindergarten Fiction Killing US Global Economy Competitiveness?

  • Do the Caldecott Awards Encourage Global Economy Mediocrity?

  • Will a National Teacher Exam Improve the US Balance of Trade?

  • Are School Lunches Draining Kids' Entrepreneurial Drive?

  • Did David Coleman Just Cause Your Kid's Brain to Dissolve?

  • Will the Lack of National Curriculum Standards Result in the Destruction of the Florida Everglades and IBM?

  • Is Illiteracy an Effective Welfare Strategy?

  • Will Replacing Chairs with Stability Balls Cure Asthma and Increase NAEP Scores?

  • Will Digital Technology Kill Your Fourth Grader?
  • — Susan Ohanian



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