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KMS Students Prepare for MAP

Ohanian Comment; Why not a banner: Find something to smile about today? Or maybe Make someone smile today. I find vows about testing to be offensive in the extreme. Likewise any notion that the community reputation rests on a child's shoulders.

MAP. This word has been drilled into every Kennett Middle School students head since the 2004-05 school year began in August.

With the state's most important yearly assessment just a little over two weeks away, students at KMS are being taught how important it is for them to perform well on the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP).

Because of the No Child Left Behind Act, states are required to give schools yearly assessments. Schools must have a certain percent of the students fall into a proficiency category set by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and approved by the United States Department of Education.

The percent of students meeting proficiency scores will slowly progress each year until 2014 when 100 percent of students must meet the proficient level.

Schools that don't meet the states MAP requirements for two years in a row can be designated as an "academically deficient school" and the state can make changes at that school. Parents also have the right to move their student to another school. A school may not receive its Title One money or the state can come in and tell the school how to spend it if scores are not met.

In the 2002-03 school year, Kennett Middle and High Schools were both listed as academically deficient and school administrators don't want to be put back on that list.

Since August KMS teachers and students have been working with Cynthia Johnson, a consultant who was hired to help close the achievement gap and improve MAP scores.

The school has been focusing on many different strategies including applying vocabulary that is used on the MAP tests in the classroom, formatting tests to resemble the MAP test and encouraging students to do well.

The school has adopted the theme "Minds Are Powerful" and teachers are giving students rubber bracelets with the theme written on them.

Seventh and eighth grade students are two of the grade levels that are required to take the MAP tests. Sixth grade students at KMS have been creating banners to hang throughout the school encouraging their classmates to do well.

The sixth graders will also be handing out goodie bags to the seventh and eighth graders during the week of the test.

A banner hangs right inside the entrance door of KMS reads "We pledge to do our best on the test." Seventh and eighth grade students have been signing their names to the banner.

The week leading up to the MAP test, the school will have a "MAP Spirit Week." Each day will have a theme that relates to the MAP test. Days such as "Pajama Day" will remind students to get comfortable with MAP and "Jersey Day" will teach students that team work between students and teachers is needed to do well on the MAP.

On Friday, April 8 KMS will have a MAP spirit assembly. Kennett community leaders will speak with the students about how important it is for them to do well on MAP because their scores reflect the community.

The MAP testing begins April 11 and will last through the week. Parents are encouraged to make sure their children get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast during the week of the testing.

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