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NCLB Outrages


Who holds the book publishers accountable? They claim that their programs, like Open Court, are research-based. H-M and Open Court are the only programs California schools can use to teach language arts. So if the kids aren't learning to read and write, shouldn't we get our money back?

Shouldn't Mcgraw-Hill and H-M be paying for all the tutoring and transportation to other schools?

Who holds the corporations and the business executives accountable? The ones who tell the lawmakers what kind of workers they want. The ones who try to dictate the school curriculum and high school standards.

Who holds the Congress and the President accountable? Didn't they pass NCLB?
Didn't they set the standards for the schools? Did they provide full funding? If they didn't, then they should answer for that.

Who holds the Education Department and the National Institutes of Health accountable? Didn't they say that we had to have research-based programs?

Didn't they define scientifically-based? Didn't they create the National Reading Panel and not include a single elementary school teacher? So, if the programs they proclaimed appropriate aren't working, aren't they responsible? Shouldn't they be held accountable?

Why are the only ones held accountable the "end-users"--the children, the teachers, principals, and local school districts? What about the state policy-makers, state legislators, state governors, Congress, the Federal Education Department, Federal Research Panels, publishing companies, corporations & business leaders, and the President?

Why do they just go on their merry ways, making new and shinier textbooks, moving on to higher offices, wealthy retirements, or prestigious board member positions with corporations or foundations? But school districts get reconstituted, principals get reassigned or demoted, teachers get transferred or quit in frustration, and children are retained, drop out, or suffer a "rigorous" curriculum in deadly silence.

Why are the wrong ones held accountable for the wrong things?

— Nancy Barth, longtime teacher



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