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NCLB Outrages

Schools on their own for "No Child Left Behind" act

KILLINGLY -- Taxpayers will be paying for the federal "no child left behind" act and the cost to the state is only the beginning.

The law requires that kids be tested and in districts where kids don't measure up and it also says improvements have to be made.

The "No Child Left Behind" Act was signed into law on January 8th 2002, by President Bush. The act measures students achievement. One hundred and forty-five CT schools have been given a failing grade based on the results from the Connecticut Mastery test, published last October.

However, schools don't know where the money will come from.

Superintendants from a number of different schools met with state officials to detail what it will cost them to comply with the law.

Through 2007, additional staff, states, and programs will cost Hamden $16,350,000, New haven $150,079,000 and Killingly $8,021,000.

While federal law requires that these improvements be made, there are no federal dollars to help school districts make them.

For a school district like Killingly's, with about 3,000 students and an annual budget of $28 million, these additional costs cause a serious problem.

Some parents fear that programs required by the law will mean cancelling programs that are helping their kids.

Connecticut is threatening to sue the federal government over the roughly $40 million it will have to spend to comply with the law.

As for all the school districts, right now they are on their own.

— Eyewitness News


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