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NCLB Outrages

High Schools Aren't Open about Opt Out Information

NOTE: This mother knew about the NCLB military recruitment opt out provision, and her daughter could tell her where to go to download the form. What about families who aren't this savvy? Why aren't their schools protecting them?

A Texas mother of a high schooler notes that nowhere among the twenty-two pieces of paper that "*I*, as said good citizen's mother, have to sign, verifying that I know the school hours and schedule and the attendance policy relating thereto, that I understand the dress code, that I recognize the importance and value of homework, that I know the academic expectations for each of my almost-adult's 6 academic classes (some of these were 2-pagers). . . that I have
read the school's code of conduct, that I appreciate the grade-boosting value of a nutritious breakfast, that I have also read the district's code of conduct, that I get the
whole concept of a high-strakes exam, and that I realize that should my daughter violate any of the abovementioned principles, policies, or cultural mores, *I* may be called in to the office for a meeting of forms that was sent home, was the one form required by federal law that I did want to sign--the one rescinding the assumed parental permission to share our personal data with military recruiters.

Booster club, PTA, migrant workers, reduced cost lunches, yearbook, English as a second language, more booster club, more PTA, yet more booster club, calendar, TAKS test crap, supply lists, bookstore hours, more TAKS test crap, welcome to the 2005-2006 school year letter from the superintendent with a doctorate and everything, football schedule, all that, we got; the letter confirming for the record that we don't want our phone number and address and child's birthdate divulged to the armed forces, was nowhere to be found.

— a Texas mother
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