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NCLB Outrages

ABT Associates and Friends

Here are a few tidbits for the conspiracy buffs.

Wendell J. Knox
President and CEO
Abt Associates, Inc.

from the ABT website: Education Clients

Our clients include the U.S. Department of Education and Department of Health and Human Services, as well as U.S. state governments. In addition, we have worked on projects for the College Board, the National Science Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and General Motors Corporation.

From the Center for Public Integrity website:
Windfalls of War


Employee-owned Abt Associates is one of the world's largest for-profit government and business research and consulting firms. From 1990 to fiscal year 2002, the company received nearly $908 million in U.S. government contracts. The company has worked on programs, ranging from AIDS treatment in South Africa to child immunization in Asia. In some Central Asian republics, Abt is playing a major role in restructuring healthcare delivery and financing. In the United States, the company has managed clinical trials for AIDS/HIV vaccines and done work for the Environmental Protection Agency to improve policies and regulations to reduce harmful pollutants.

In addition to seven U.S. and two international corporate offices, the company has more than 40 project offices in 25 countries, and about one-third of the company's revenue comes from international activities. For the fiscal year ending in March 2003, the company's revenue was $184 million. [Note below how much they get from the Feds.]

From 1990 through 2002, ABT has had $907,535,000 in federal contracts.

Not mentioned by Public Integrity, ABT subcontracts with RMC Research Corporation on the NCLB Reading First Impact study. But then, this is a different war.

ABT is a partner with MDRC on this impact study. The first report from the Reading First Impact Study is scheduled for late 2006.

Do you wonder who MDRC is? They were founded by the Ford Foundation.

At least they list their board of directors and Senior Policy Experts.

RMC Research Corporation has offices in Portsmouth, NH, Denver, Portland, OR, and Arlington, VA. Only in Portland do they list staff. The About Us on the website in each city says this: More than 100 professional and support staff work in RMC's four offices. More than half of the professional staff have doctoral degrees in education or a related field; the remainder hold advanced degrees. . . .
According to a comprehensive summary" of conflicts of interest:

  • In its application to establish the Reading First technical assistance centers, RMC proposed to develop professional strategies to support the products of "major publishers." This was apparently accepted without comment by the Department of Education.

  • Staff of the RMC Research Corporation worked both for RMC on the National Technical Assistance Center and for Sopris West. Staffer Marcia Davidson led the LETRS professional development in Michigan, and Michigan was invoiced for this presentation by Sopris West.

  • Edward Kame'enui and Deborah Simmons both participated in planning the Secretary's Reading Leadership Academies and spoke at those meetings. Since both were under contract to RMC Research Corporation to provide technical assistance to states on their applications, they were in an extremely advantageous position to recommend the Institutes.

  • I wish I had the resources to explore all this in depth. I worry that the corporate agendas for reframing public education are even more ominous than the pecuniary interests of a few basal authors.

    I can tell you that in 2004, the vice-president in Portsmouth gave $213 to the Democratic National Committee. That's about all I know about her.

    These three outfits are involved in every aspect of education you can imagine. And it's nothing new. We've just never paid any attention beflore.

    — Susan Ohanian



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