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What Makes You Mad: Spokane Parents Upset at Military Recruiters

Shelley Anderson Speaks Out:
I hadn't even thought of sending this to you, until this morning when I read the article about the recruiters in Montana Schools. In January after finding this game in my 16 year old possession, I asked the school if they knew these were being handed out. The answer I recieved was no.

I called the recruiter who proceeded to argue with me and tell me he could do anything he wanted ...... I told him I would go over his head. He thought I meant to his supervisor, but what I actually meant was the media. The result is that recruiters are no longer allowed to hand out this game and they must get permission for any materials they hand out in the future.

by Mike Murad

SPOKANE -- Shelley Anderson has a 16 year old son attending Shadle Park High School.

"This is what military recruiters are handing out in our schools...where we can just turn and shoot anyone on the screen." The Official U. S. Army Game,

Watch KREM 2's Mike Murad's full report in What Makes You Mad
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What Makes You Mad

War is not a game, but the Army has made one for recruiting purposes that it is handing out to students in Spokane schools. Shelly says her son was recently given a copy of "America's Army - Special Forces" by an Army recruiter who was at the school

"Why is this being handed out in the halls of a public school system?" Shelley asks.

KREM 2 wanted to know the same thing, so we asked Shadle Park's principal Herb Rotchford if this was allowed in Spokane schools. He said the game is being given out without his knowledge or permission.

Army Recruiters have been giving this game out at local schools without the schools permission

"The public high schools should not be used as a venue for handing out violent video games. I don't care who the organization is." Rotchford says.

The game is very popular with kids, and has a rating of "Teen" on its cover, warning of blood and violence.

KREM 2 asked the Army recruiters in charge of Shadle Park if he handed out the game. Seargant Jerold Zell says he has passed out the games in the past, but doesn't know if it was him who gave Shelley's son the game in December.

After our investigation, the policy in Spokane schools has been clarified. District 81 contacted the Army recruiting office, and said the games can no longer be handed out on school property.

— Shelley Anderson and Mike Murad


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