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NCLB Outrages

No Child Left Behind or No Excuse Left Behind

Ohanian Comment: This short article, in pdf file, attacks Senator Lamar Alexander for introducing an NCLB amendment removing kids with disabilities from the NCLB accountability system, accusing him of doing this because Tennessee does such a bad job educating kids classified disabled.

This points to the complexity of the issue: The transparency of NCLB--exposing the sub-scores of every sub-group--might be a good thing, forcing schools to educate all children. Where it gets evil is insisting that all children must meet the same standards or be labeled as failing.

Excerpted from article:

To sum up the dismal disabled kid numbers, only 35% of Tennessee's disabled kids, age 14-21, graduated in 2000-2001 with a diploma or certificate; 49% either dropped out, were categorized as "moved, known to continue" or "moved, not known to continue" [but we're just so sure they didn't drop out!]. The rest are, supposedly, still in school. Hmph! In percentage terms, Tennessee high school-age kids with disabilities only do one thing really well--that is, "move" before graduation time. Or maybe they get. . . moved out? . . .

Muckrakers bet that Senator (and ex-Secretary of Education) Lamar Alexander would probably move to take Black students out of NCLB's accountability system, too, if he though he could get away with it. . . .

— Dee Alpert
No Child Left Behind or No Excuse Left Behind
The Special Education Muckraker


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