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Bush Claims Inner City Teachers "Quit On" Kids

So I want to welcome you here. I also want to assure you that one of the big challenges that I see for our country -- besides keeping the peace and making the homeland secure, is to insist that every child be educated. Notice I said "every child." It starts with the mind set that every child can learn. And I don't need to tell that to the people in this room, but there is some in our country believe in the -- what I call the soft bigotry of low expectations. They don't believe in the bigotry, but because there's low expectations, there is a soft bigotry.

And that's unacceptable. What that means is there's certain kids just get shuffled through the system. Certain kids, they just get quit on. And we know who they are. They're generally inner-city kids, kids whose parents may not speak English as a first language. It's so much easier to walk into a classroom full of the hard to educate and say, see you later, we're just going to move you through. And those days have got to end, and the people up here on the stage and the people here in the White House understand, standing here -- sitting here in the White House understand those days are going to end, for the good of the country.

--from remarks by President Bush at the White House East Room during a discussion with educators from several states on how they are implementing the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Sept. 4, 2002, 3:00 P.M. EDT

— U.S. Department of Education, Office of Public Affairs, News Branch
Remarks by the President on Education Implementation



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