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NCLB Outrages

Qualified Teacher: A Personal Story

What a difference a few hundred miles makes. The moral is: Don't move!

by Robert Arosteguy

Ah, the joys of NCLB. I just moved from California to Washington and have begun the application process to obtain my Washington teaching certificate. Since I have not been teaching for three years, I am required to meet Washington's interpretation of the "highly qualified" clause in NCLB. Now, in California, I met this requirment by taking the CSET for Social Studies competency. The CSET is designed and given by NES.

They used to utilize the Praxis, given by ETS.
Washington uses the Praxis. So, here I am, in
Washington, two BAs, an MA, passed the CSET, but unable to get a Washington certificate because I
took the WRONG test! WTF. You see, NCLB requires a nice standardized test to make sure us teachers know our stuff. But, states can contract with private companies (ETS, NES) for exclusivity and therefore create unnecessary bureaucratic red-trape for teachers who didn't take their test.

I have to pay another $70 to take another test just to be able to teach something I just spent a year teaching. And, because I have to wait until I pass the test, I am probably not going to be hired because districts cannot hire me
until I am given a teaching permit--which can't be issued until proof of competency is met. I guess my education and work history doesn't matter. Until I pass that test, I guess I don't know anything! Just thought I'd share...

— Robert Arosteguy


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