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Info Blitz on Toledo Schools

Ohanian Comment: If you live in the Toledo area and want to help, let me know, and I will put you in touch with this indomitable parent organizer.

The Student and Family Rights and Privacy Committee also distributes Student Wallet Cards, containing such information as 10 Excellent Reasons NOT to Join the Military and Questions Recruiters Don't Want You to Ask.

The Student and Family Rights and Privacy is a joint committee of the ACLU Northwest Ohio Chapter, Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition and the NAACP Toledo.Chapter.

A Toledo Parent

This morning, two teams went to the first two schools in our two-week long Info blitz of Toledo-area schools to help inform students and parents on their rights to protect their privacy by opting out of school-provided recruiter databases.

This is an ambitious plan to bring visibility at 36 area high schools to this issue, and in that regard, we were very successful. We could use some additional volunteers over the next few weeks. It only requires about a one-hour commitment for an early morning shift. See below.

Teams were at Rogers High School and Scott High School this morning. Each team had three signs:

1) Protect Student and Family Privacy

2) Opt Out of Military Recruitment

3) Ask Us How

Just those signs alone, I believe, will give people pause to think about what they could do to protect their privacy and counter the military recruitment measures. We are also handing out brochures with a simple opt-out form included and making a brief pitch on why a student should.

Scott High School was very successful. We handed out lots of brochures to the young people traveling by foot, in cars and by public busses. Several parents parked and came over to talk with us and a school administrator came outside for more information as well.

The physical layout of the new Rogers High School makes things a little tougher to engage people. There was less foot traffic and more car traffic and the main door to the school is far removed from the public street, with front field parking. But, just being a presence was a helpful reminder to folks to pay attention to the opt-out and send back letters to the schools. (TPS did send out a letter in June so, technically, families are already in possession of the opt-out form....our reminder will bring some action from them after a long summer.)

A WSPD radio reporter called me bright and early for an interview. But I was on my way out the door. (I've since called them back and they did interview me.

The early-morning talk radio guy read our press release on the air then invited people to call. His comments were stunning. He absolutely agreed with the caller who said: "They're going to have to register for selective service in a year anyway. Why not give their names over now." The talk radio guy also said words to the effect: Maybe if Scott High School students would study, they wouldn't be such targets for military recruiters. Of course, our efforts to explain privacy rights to students and parents are unpatriotic. And one enlightened caller remind us again (for the billionth time) that we should all just get jobs.

Despite the error in logic about selective service (since half of the population does not need to register), the one which frightens me the most is the willingness to hand children over for military recruitment, as if it is something that they all deserve. Another example of how we do so little to protect youth.

If you are so inclined, listen to WSPD (1370 AM) this afternoon and evening. Local programming includes Brian Wilson from 3-6 p.m. and Kevin Milliken from 6-7 p.m. Milliken is who interviewed me. Both are call in programs.

— Toledo parent
The Student and Family Rights and Privacy Committee


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