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NCLB Outrages

Welcome to School, Kid; Here's Your Test

You can get more context for this appalling letter. Kids in affluent schools get an education. Kids in low-income schools get tested, tests to drive the instructional focus is how they put it in Hillsborough County.

Think of the kindergartner. He's never been to school and the first thing he encounters is DIBELS.

Hillsborough County Public Schools
Excellence in Education

______ Elementary School

Faculty and Staff

There is a testing challenge upon us in the coming weeks. While everyone is currently doing base line assessment on our students to help drive the instructional focus, we have been given the task of the required multiple assessments from various state and local agencies.

Kindergarten in the midst of the ECHOS assessment that must be completed within the first few weeks of school. Beginning August 28, all K-1 students will take DIBELS. Our para-professionals will be led by Ms. ______ in this task.

On August 29, all 4th and 5th grade ESOL students will take the SAT-9. The students will be pulled out of the classroom for this test. An adult will come to your 4th or 5th grade room to pick up your ESOL students between 8:15 and 8:30 a.m.

On August 30, all LY/LP students in K through 5th grades will take the CELLA test. This test will take several days to give. However the biggest impact on your day will be on August 30th when we must pull these students out for whole group testing (except kindergarten which are tested one-on-one). Please refer to the attached schedule. There were two minor changes to the Specials Schedule for PE 1 and P2 for Wednesday, please take note.

Please be aware that this will be a very busy week. Almost everyone is being effected [sic] in someway. [sic] Please be supportive of your peers to that we can quickly take care of these assessment pieces and help all of us get back to the real task at hand--teaching our children!

Thank you in advance for your support,

Testing Chair

— ______ Testing Chair
Florida elementary school letter to faculty and staff


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