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NCLB Outrages

The NPLD Act (No Patient Left to Die

Author's Note: I wrote this out of frustration as a teacher in a Program Improvement school. I would like to pass it on.

by Heidi Lawrence
First grade teacher in California

Under this new act, all doctors will be held under strict accountability regarding
their patients' lives. No more "I did the best I could". No more excuses. If the doctors did their jobs, no patient would lose his/her life. They are the professionals, and should be held under the strictness of standards.

Each year, we expect a certain percentage of patients in a hospital to live. By
2014, that number will be up to 100%. No patient will be left to die. If a hospital
fails to make adequate life saving quotas, punishments will begin. They may include
removing all staff in the hospital and replacing them with highly qualified doctors,
paying fortransportation to other hospitals who are meeting their life saving quotas, and/or
closing down the hospital and having the state come in and start running it. More qualified doctors will be hired to ensure that no patient will be left to die.

Don't expect this to be fully funded. The money just isn't there. Doctors will just have to make do with what they have, even if their life saving equipment is not working or non-exisistant. But think of it this way...money doesn't save lives, people do!

We are sure that if the doctors just worked harder and did their jobs, everyone will
live forever. No excuses. 100% survival. If a doctor thinks this goal is
unattainble, he/she should find another profession. It only means that the doctor
just doesn't want to be held accountable or work very hard. All patients can live,
and if they don't, the doctor, and the hospital, failed to do their job and will be
severly punished.

We must have high standards set at all hospitals. We all deserve to live, and death
is not acceptable. Our country will only be seen as the best when our mortality rate
is at 0%. Even the terminally ill is not exempt from this law. If the doctors work
hard enough, they will be saved as well. Again, no excuses, only results. Anything
else will only be seen as a failure.

— Heidi Lawrence


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