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NCLB Outrages

NCTE: Your Experiences with the Reading First Program

NCTE is asking these questions on their website. If you can answer they before Oct. 31, you should answer them there. If you have information, please do this.

1 At what level do you do your main professional work?
*Early elementary
*Upper elementary
*Teacher education program (college or university)
*School district office
*Regional education office
*State-level education office
*Other, please specify

2 How many years have you worked as an educator?

3 Please check all responses that accurately describe your involvement with the Reading First program:
*I teach in a school that receives Reading First funds
*I teach in a district that receives Reading First funds
*I consult with/advise schools that receive Reading First funds
*I have prepared Reading First grants at the district or state levels
*I have no direct experience with the Reading First program
*Other ways you are involved with Reading First?

4 If you teach in a Reading First school or district, please describe consequences that the program has had on teaching and learning.

5 If you have any been involved with preparing a Reading First grant, can you describe how the grant application and review process influenced teaching and learning in your state, school, or district? If you feel that there were unusual procedures in the processing/review of your grant, please note them here.

6 If you are willing to allow your name to be used in connection with your responses about Reading First in reports that NCTE produces for policymakers, please provide your name and address. If you prefer to remain anonymous, do not fill in the address field.

— Kent Williamson, Executive Director


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