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NCLB Outrages

NCLB True Goals

A Mom looks at the diversity among her children and proposes some of the same for NCLB.

First, we all have to understand NCLB's true goals:

With a steady stream of expensively-planted lies about the public schools, the "one-size-fits-all" tests, rising standards (based on an UNvalidated hypothesis), and AYP "trip-wires:"

Goal 1. To "break" the public schools, especially in the states with the most minorities, so privatization will appear to be the only option (they're forcing it now), unbalancing our economy, our beloved country, every day.

Goal 2.
To create the "academic (math-and-science) elite" in the high schools and universities, craved by Business Rountable since the infamous l983 bipartisan report, A Nation at Risk.

I'm proposing a Commonsense Compromise:

a. Let Business have its academic elite -- all those naturally math-talented, naturally highly motivated (like 2 of my children), who qualify and who want that. In Texas, Bill Gates et al, are already eagerly funding Math, Science academies, AP, IB schools (although these are being questioned), especially "rigorous" schools. This will save the states $$$millions.

b. The states, "accountable" for their own endlessly poor communities (Texas always literally minimal funding for adult ed/literacy, vocational training), will pay for normal, American (not fascist) schools and for magnet schools for those with other, equally-valuable natural talents (like the other 6 of my successful children)with passable American curriculum and tests (not ONE more lie about "dumbing down", and they will make it up to those already left behind and hopeless, like thousands of my GED students in the past 22 years in the Rio Grande Valley. (The schools can do this.)

Democrats threw money -- instead of self-development -- at the Title 1 schools, now too "expensive" for the Bush administration. Democrats still apparently think $$$ will solve the education problem. Even wonderful Bill Moyers, in Ameria 101, doesn't understand the education travesty.

— Peg Oliver, M.Ed.


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