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NCLB Outrages

Members of Congress, Here is What the PEOPLE Say

Ohanian Comment: I culled a few comments from the first 2,500 people who have signed The Petition.

Please add your name and your thoughts.

Please ask everyone you know to consider signing The Petition.

Forget the naysayers that say the corporate-politicos will never dismantle NCLB. We can do this. We can force a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. And FOR the children.

Don't drink the tea.

Don't ride the bus.

Don't read the script.

Don't DIBEL.

Don't give the test.

DO sign The Petition.

In addition to signing The Petition, please consider participating in Defend Democracy: A $71.40 plan to Stop NCLB

Comments from signers of The Petition

  • I'm a third grade teacher and this legislation is horrible.

  • bravo! bravo! a united, articulate voice.

  • About Time!!!!!!

  • We've got to stop this.

  • I believe this action is urgent.

  • Democracy is at stake here.

  • It is distressing to watch the love of learning beaten down in our students by the stress this act causes them.

  • It's about time someone is taking a stand against this misdirected, impotent, cosmetic piece of political fantasy.

  • I am another effective teacher driven out of the classroom thanks to NCLB.

  • Outraged parent seeing "great" schools ignoring individual needs, overworking and stressing students, pushing Kindergartners to their emotional edge, and basing all judgment of progress on the test, regardless of classwork and teacher observation. Creativity in teaching has been outlawed. What country is this?

  • NCLB is a tragic thing that has been done to children; and to education in general, and has set back American education at least 50 years.

  • NCLB cannot be FIXED. It must be REPEALED

  • This petition gives hope and courage.

  • I teach, by choice, (39 years) students of low-socioeconomic background and little command of English when they enter school . I have seen first-hand the terrible effects and inequities of NCLB.

  • Let's get back to educating not testing, testing, testing!

  • Thank you to the petitioners for this opportunity to let the 110th Congress know that many US citizens are vehemently opposed to this failed policy.

  • It is time to dismantle this program for the good of our children and our democracy.

  • I am a teacher and know first hand that NCLB hurts education.

  • This act killed thinking in the classroom - it is why I left the classroom after 23 years of teaching elementary school.

  • As a special education teacher, the worst week of the school year is watching my students break down as they take the high stakes standardized test.

  • NCLB is the reason I stopped teaching. Please read this petition carefully. It tells the truth.

  • Protect democracy! No to NCLB.

  • Another Teacher to End NCLB.

  • I am a teacher.

  • Congress Makes a Lousy School Board.

  • NCLB is criminal.

  • I'm a teacher, and I'm telling you that NCLB is bad policy that no amount of money will make into good policy.

  • My child is left behind because of NCLB & FCAT. My solution has been to homeschool him in order to try to reinstall his love of learning which has been destroyed under this current system.

  • Outstanding work. Republicans and Democrats can join to defeat this encroachment on public education and say no to big government.

  • This has ruined my child's education. No reason for it to ruin others.

  • Yippeee.


  • Please do it FOR the children!

  • NCLB cannot be fixed, repeal it.

  • This is law is a full frontal attack on public education. It is designed to destroy public education by setting unrealistic goals that could not be reached even if every mandate was fully funded. It is a disaster. Return the schools to local control.

  • It's not just the funding, this is the wrong direction.

  • There is no such thing as a standard child. Academic freedom builds democracy.

  • In memory of Senator Paul Wellstone, a champion of humane educational policies.

  • — 2,500 signers
    The Petition


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