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NCLB Outrages

Anti-NCLB petition misguided

Ohanian Comment: Corporate America always finds ways to divide and conquer. So NEA is against us--because we have no positive changes? Hmmm. I regard putting teachers and parents at the center of education planning as the mot positive change imagineable. And that is what is central to our Petition.

I'm not surprised that the central office of NEA is against our attempt at revolution; I am sad to see Minnesota join them. It will be interesting to watch how many NEA locals dare to think for themselves. And, in so doing, stand up for teacher professionalism.

I believe in teachers, and I believe this union attempt to dominate and silence the people who pay for its existance will backfire. Read the bullying memo sent about by NEA president Reg Weaver.

Read the reaction of two educators.

Peter Campbell Comment: With friends like this, who needs The Business Roundtable? This is incredible. AS IF the petition is simply calling for dismantling NCLB and leaving the rest up to . . . what? Chance? The wolves? Vacuum cleaner salesmen? Would over 17,000 people -- lots of whom are educators, some of whom are pretty well-known educators -- simply call for abolishing NCLB with no positive changes or alternatives????

It's a turf issue. Once again, more evidence of "the left" cannibalizing itself.

Susie Wren, an 18-year-veteran third grade teacher in southern California and member of QECR (Quality Education as a Civil Right), is working hard to get signers to the Educator Roundtable petition. Susie posted this on the Minnesota Education website:

In regards to your website:

Your attempt to silence teachers and other stakeholders regarding NCLB is disgusting. The Educator Roundtable, and those who have signed the petition, are among the brightest and best in the field of education. Why don't you let teachers think for themselves? They are intelligent professionals who can decide for themselves which petitions to sign and which organizations to support. Shame on you.


A new organization called the Educator Roundtable has posted an online petition that calls for dismantling the No Child Left Behind law. Neither Education Minnesota nor the National Education Association endorses this. The new group wants to abolish NCLB but proposes no positive changes or alternatives.

Instead of signing this petition, which has been circulating on e-mail lists, educators or members of the public with concerns about the law can spread the word about NEA’s Positive Agenda for changing NCLB.

Education Minnesota members can access more information by logging in on this site with their username and password and reading this story in the Newsroom.

— Staff
Education Minnesota


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