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NCLB Outrages

Business Leaders Oppose Efforts to Undermine No Child Left Behind

Tauna Rogers Comment: They just keep repeating the disinformation, attributing the rise in NAEP scores among nine-year-olds to NCLB. Castellani says "knowledge and skills are the world's most highly valued commmodities." Commodities.

How about valuing truth and integrity? And children as children. It's all about money, money, money to these people.

As long as these business leaders and the DOE keep repeating this disinformation, it seems to me we have no choice but to continue debunking it. The DOE even continues to keep this on their website.

The following press release has been posted to

Press Release

Business Leaders Oppose Efforts to Undermine No Child Left Behind

Coalition Says Legislation Could End Progress in Education Seen Under Law

Washington, DC ΓΆ€“ The Business Coalition for Student Achievement
(BCSA), representing business leaders from every sector of the U.S.
economy, today expressed disappointment about legislation introduced
yesterday by Congressman Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) and by Senators John
Cornyn (R-TX) and Jim DeMint (R-SC) to amend the Elementary and
Secondary Education Act. The coalition said that it recognizes that
the legislation's cosponsors are concerned about our children's
education, but it believes that if enacted, this bill would abruptly
end the progress made since passage of the No Child Left Behind Act.

"NCLB is working," said Arthur J. Rothkopf, Senior Vice President,
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in testimony on behalf of the BCSA this
week at a bi-cameral hearing on NCLB. "All of America's nine-year-
olds made more progress in reading in the five years since NCLB was
enacted than in the previous 28 years combined. And reading and math
scores for African American and Hispanic nine-year-olds, and math
scores for African American and Hispanic 13-year-olds, have reached
an all-time high.

"There still is a long way to go, but we cannot afford to turn back
to the days when gaps in achievement among our children were
widening, not narrowing," he continued. "Poor education performance
threatens the future of our children and America's competitive
position in the world."

"Not only is No Child Left Behind helping students, it also
represents the first real accountability for the billions in federal
tax dollars that Americans spend on education each and every year,"
added Business Roundtable President John J. Castellani. "As business
leaders and major employers, we recognize the importance of investing
in education, but the federal government has a responsibility to
ensure that state and local recipients are producing results."

The BCSA will work with Congress to make certain that schools have
adequate flexibility in the implementation of the law while also
remaining accountable for raising the academic achievement of all

Castellani added, "During the coming months, there will be many
proposals put forward to revise No Child Left Behind. We urge Members
of Congress to carefully consider whether these ideas move America in
the right direction at a time when knowledge and skills are the
world's most highly valued commodities."

For more information about the Business Coalition for Student
Achievement, visit http://www.biz4achievement.org.

The Business Coalition for Student Achievement ΓΆ€“ representing
business leaders from every sector of the economy ΓΆ€“ is committed to
supporting policies that improve the performance of the K-12
education system in the United States. The Coalition is co-chaired by
Craig R. Barrett, Chairman of Intel; Arthur F. Ryan, Chairman and CEO
of Prudential Financial, Inc.; and Edward B. Rust Jr., Chairman and
CEO of State Farm, and is coordinated by Business Roundtable and the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

— Press Release
Business Roundtable


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