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NCLB Outrages

Calling the NCLB Commission

by Georgia Hedrick
NOTE: “the mission of the Aspen Institute is to foster enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue.”

The Aspen Institute

Secretary Tommy G. Thompson
Governor Roy E. Barnes

Dr. Craig Barrett
Dr. Christopher Edley, Jr.
Dr. Eugene Garcia
Hon. Judith E. Heumann
Mr. Thomas Y. Hobart, Jr.
Ms. Jaymie Reeber Kosa
Ms. Andrea Messina
Dr. J. Michael Ortiz
Dr. James Pughsley
Mr. Edward B. Rust Jr.
Dr. John Theodore Sanders
Ms. Jennifer Smith
Dr. Ed Sontag

Calling the Washington number. 1-202-736-5800

Aspen: Hello, This is Erin; may I help you?

Me: Is this the Aspen Institute?

Aspen: Yes.

Me: How do I get to talk directly to one of the members of the NCLB Commission?

Aspen: I am a staff member. I worked with them. What is it you want to know?

Me: I want to know their thinking behind even a suggestion of reauthorizing NCLB. Anyone who has taught under NCLB or been in the schools during the existence of NCLB, knows that it kills education.

Aspen: Our job was to find the strengths and weaknesses of the Law.

Me: Who can I talk to on the Commission—-are they there?

Aspen: Oh, no—they have regular jobs.

Me: Why can’t we just call them; why is there no phone number next to each person’s name on the website?

Aspen: What is it you want from them?

Me: I want to ask why they would suggest to renew the Law at all? Are they teachers?

Aspen: Some are. You know, I have other things I must be doing. Good bye. [Click]

Me Now she says this at the same time as I am saying: NCLB is killing teachers, and children and schools. Why doesn’t anyone care?
So much for wanting my opinion.

— Georgia Hedrick


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