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It's our medication that is killing these people

Think of the parallels with Reading First.

a gloss on the news by Susan Ohanian

New York Times Quotation of the Day, May 6, 2007

"Itâs our medication that is killing these people. Itâs not a virus, itâs not something that they got outside, but it was something we actually manufactured."

--NÃSTOR SOSA, a doctor in Panama, where adulterated, government-made cough syrup killed scores of people.

This quote is from a scary article From China to Panama, a Trail of Poisoned Medicine by Walt Bogdanich and Jake Hooker.

A syrupy poison, diethylene glycol, is an indispensable part of the modern world, an industrial solvent and prime ingredient in some antifreeze.

The reporters note: "Over the years, the poison has been loaded into all varieties of medicine â cough syrup, fever medication, injectable drugs â a result of counterfeiters who profit by substituting the sweet-tasting solvent for a safe, more expensive syrup, usually glycerin, commonly used in drugs, food, toothpaste and other products." Parents give their children poisoned cough syrup, and as the reporters note, "And the deaths, if not intentional, are often no accident."

What a line: if not intentional, are often no accident.

Surely no teacher intentionally poisons young children's enthusiasm for school by turning her classroom into a test prep bootcamp, but can her act be called accidental?

Teachers must take responsibility for what they do. "Following orders" will not suffice.

— Susan Ohanian
gloss on the news


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