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A Loud Alarm

Ohanian Comment: I have only one quarrel with this announcement and that is calling it a neo-con ploy. It is neo-liberal à la Clinton and Corporate all the way. Neoliberlism preaches that free markets, free trade, and the free flow of capital is the most efficient way to produce the greatest social, political, and economic good. Read David Harvey's A Brief History of Neoliberalism, which shows the origins of our era of global capitalism. Harvey observes that the role of the state is to create and preserve an institutional framework for the practice of private property rights, free markets, and free trade. And if markets don't exist, such as in education, then they must be created. Hence NCLB.

It bothers me to hear NCLB labeled conservative, neo- or otherwise, because this seems to let the Democrats and the so-called progressives off the hook. They are in this up past their eyeballs.

Nonetheless, read Ken Goodman's alarm and break your silence about NCLB. Sign the petition, hold a houseparty, get active.

As of 5:44 p.m. on Sunday, May 6, the petition to end NCLB has 29,357 signatures. This is shameful. We should have three million.

by Ken Goodman

Consider this a loud alarm. It's becoming clear that the strategy of the Democrats supported by NEA and others is to freeze NCLB as it is without amendment and without reauthorization. The Republicans would also likely support such a move. They can do this through a continuing resolution.

Effectively, this would put reauthorization off until after the 2008 election. That would keep some of the negative changes proposed from happening but it would leave the clock ticking, the punishments piling up. More and more schools would be labeled as failing and more and more kids would be labeled failures the first week in kindergarten. And the same crooks would reap billions from Reading First.

The reading scandals have given us an opening to educate the public and the politicians. We can't let this happen without a fight. The freeze is one more ploy by the neo-cons running the show to co-opt their enemies and advance their goal of privatizing education.

Please pass this message on.

— Ken Goodman


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