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Susan Comment:

Carrying my activism locally where there has been very little notice about NCLB, I wear my "End NCLB" button. If someone

1) Asks about it

2) Expresses agreement

I give him/her the button.

In the grocery store yesterday, this button exchange elicited a heartfelt story from the man bagging my groceries.

He told me he was a paraprofessional in a local school. "I was the only one able to work with an autistic boy," he said.

But the school had to let him go because, lacking an AA college degree, he does not meet NCLB "standards."

I covered these onerous standards early on in the campaign against NCLB. See, for example,
The NCLB Law, $8-an-Hour Paraprofessionals, & Explaining the Long-Range Theory of Probability

With 19 Governors and 24 Corporations, You Can Have a University Funded by the U. S. Taxpayer.

The real story is that NCLB is forcing out people who have been doing valuable work in our schools for years.

And what are we going to do about it? Continue to sit and whine?

I now realize my button campaign needs another element: In addition to giving them the button and securing a promise to wear it, I need to hand out an Activist "To do" list--information on what they can do to join our campaign. I will post this list soon. Stay tuned.

Sitting and grumbling/whining gets us nowhere. We need to work for the revolution--people taking back our government.

If you remain silent, you are part of the problem.

— Susan Ohanian
grocery store encounter


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