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NCLB Outrages

Dear Keith, Amy, and Arianna

Ohanian Comment: Here is what one concerned parent and university professor, and elementary tutor wrote in response to the Educator Roundtable Action Strategies suggestion.

Our hope is that everyone who reads Cindy's letter will also write to these news personalities who are known for their advocacy.

For each e-mail, please use the subject heading "Saving Public Education, Saving Democracy."

Keith Olbermann

Amy Goodman

Arianna Huffington

We believe this message will resonate with all three individuals, and we believe that receiving thousands of emails in their inboxes with the same subject line will get their attention.

Dear Keith, Amy, and Arianna,

Help us, please.

My younger daughter has special needs, and it is uncertain as to whether or not she'll ever "catch up" academically. She's been in special ed classes and LD classes. All the same, NCLB requires her to take the damned standardized tests. What is the point? And where is the education that she deserves? Why is the State wasting tax dollars on dangerous tests rather than more support for her learning needs?

My daughter is the least of the ones being harmed by this greedy, loyal Bushies law. I and the students in my college composition classes at Morehouse all volunteer mentor, tutor, and read stories aloud at a neighborhood elementary school located in a poor, almost entirely Black district near the college. We've been doing this task since 1995. I wish I could tell you how the teachers and children in this school soar during the rest of the year, but are laid low by these obscene tests. And then, there's the public school my older daughter attends, whose student population is 50% children who are refugees, primarily from Africa and the Middle East. Many kids come to the school having never been in school because they've spent the majority of their eight, nine, ten years in refugee camps. The teachers work night, day, and weekends, helping the young ones learn English, maintain their home language, learn to read, and simply stay alive. The school has created a Saturday School, wherein about 40 volunteers like me help the children, their mothers, teenaged siblings, and neighbors learn English and deal with homework, and then send them all home with about ten pounds of food each week. None of us is rich, but we are a community. (And yes, you read about a few of our kids and families in the NYT piece about Luma Mufleh and the Fugees .) But come testing time, and the kids are slammed against the damned corporate wall.

"Helping" the children I've briefly described is the language that Bush and his wretched crew used to pass this immoral and dangerous law. And they're about to do it, again.

We need your larger voice to make this disease called NCLB something of truly national significance. Please go to the website below my name for the research that you would need.

No one else is listening. Please. Help us.


Cindy Lutenbacher
Atlanta, GA


— Cindy Lutenbacher


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