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NCLB Outrages

Dear Keith

Another excellent letter in the Educator Roundtable campaign to take back the schools and end NCLB.

Dear Keith,

Please investigate how the Bush administration is setting up its cronies in the publishing industry to gorge themselves on public school tax dollars with its NCLB Act. Sold as an education reform plan to reduce the academic achievement gap between the impoverished and more "well to do" students it is fast revealing itself to be none other than a cash cow for privateers and publishing companies. Far from narrowing the gap, it forces school closures and punishes those it pretends to help. Look at Chicago's public school situation to see how it is abused

The Bush administration knows the Achilles heel of democracy is public education. Far from helping schools serve their original purpose of supporting democratic principles, it is working hard to undermine the institution that would, if left alone, undermine the administration's own fascist designs to destroy our democracy and leave America at the mercy of corporate CEO's who have already shown what they can do to our nation in just six years.

Outsourcing, job loss, price gouging at the gas pump, ignoring domestic public needs, war profiteering and its growth of a cheap labor pool of foreign nationals are just a few ways this administration shows its disdain for public assistance and concerns. You are so skilled at ferreting out these corrupt individuals who are undermining our democracy while pretending to help our nation. Help!

Thank you,

Bill Archer and Sandra Blackburn, two public school teachers with a combined eighty (80) years of professional educational experience. We retire in one more year!

Daytona Beach, FL 32118

— Bill Archer and Sandra Blackburn
Letter to Keith


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