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NCLB Outrages

Dear Keith

Reminder: This fine letter is one of many sent in response to the Educator Roundtable campaign.

Here is what you can do to TODAY to end NCLB

Educator Roundtable asks each of you to send an email to the following news figures:

Keith Olbermann

Amy Goodman

Arianna Huffington

Please use the subject heading "Saving Public Education, Saving Democracy."
We believe this message will resonate with all three individuals, and we believe that getting 1,000 emails in their inbox will get their attention.

We simply ask that you share your concerns about the legislation, and we ask that you encourage these individuals to read our research and make our national movement a national story.
Direct them to our petition page, which has the rationale for ending NCLB. You might want to emphasize a point that especially resonates with you.

Please do this as soon as you can.

Educator Roundtable


There is a situation going on in education. I beg of you to be aware of it. It is the NCLB Law. It sits in Congress waiting to be renewed. Few know its abililty to kill education and free speech and problem solving and just plain creativity. It is a 'teach to the test if you want our federal monies' sort of Law. Some children have known nothing else. If this law is renewed, they will continue to know nothing else, but being taught to be tested.

TTBT (Taught To Be Tested) is assininity at its highest level, and desparation at it lowest. TTBT kills creativity, problem solving, the 'what if' moments in a classroom, the greatest of all moments: THE TEACHABLE MOMENT. It all dies with TTBT.

One can only test for one among four choices, upon which a bubble is filled in. The choices must be factual. The choices by nature must be limited. No more 'educare'--the Latin for 'to lead out'. We cannot lead the children using his or her strengths, so different from child to child. Each child, with his or her endless possibilities, is now limited to factual choices.

Passing that test means money for the school. Not passing means the school could be labeled, and will be labeled negatively if it happens two years in a row. The labels get worse as time passes. The labels get more negative.

The horrors of this Law go on. If you don't know them all, go to http://www.susanohanian.org and read what Elizabeth Jaeger has written in 17 pages (and heavily documented) for the next 17 pages. Read. . See the mindless future set for all children who go to public school. Weep. But then, rail and roar like fury as to just what the No Child Left Behind Law is about. Cry madly for its ending and demise.

Many of us who have taught--and no longer teach under its iron fist--see where this is going and all we can do is write. It is you who has the audience, the air waves, and the courage to speak out. You are among the few.

Go to http://www.educatorroundtable.org/petition.html Many of us have signed, but not enough. So, so many live in fear of being jobless. Money rules, it seems, everyone, but the few, the far between. You are one of the courageous few.

I write to you just because of that courage. I beg of you from over my 67 years of life and 37 years of teaching to see the Dragon that is devouring public education. I fight this dragon by cartoon. But you, you have the waves of TV from which you still have the freedom to talk tough. Please, I beg you, let the reality of the horror of so called no child left behind be told.



Georgia Hedrick
Reno, NV 89506

Retired Teacher
Avid author and illustrator of bilingual children's books

— Georgia Hedrick
letter in the Saving Public Education, Saving Democracy campaign


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