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Dear Presidential Candidate

Ohanian Comment; In case you've forgotten already (and who can remember all the PR rolling out of corporate America?), Strong American Schools is paid for by Bill Gates and Eli Broad. It is the banner of their Ed in '08 campaign. These are the folk who claim that 2/3 of American jobs require a college education. Maybe they should tell the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Press Release

Former Chairmen of the Republican and Democratic National Committees, Ken Mehlman and Roy Romer sent letters to all of the presidential
candidates, urging them to engage in a national conversation about the need for educational reform, following a study that was released today by the Department of Education which revealed America is failing to set strong education standards for kids.

Text of the letter is pasted below and the letter is attached.

To speak with Ken Mehlman or Roy Romer today, please contact:
Shannon Murphy
202 552 4555 - direct
202 870 1093 - cell
310 849 4687 - cell

June 7, 2007

Dear Presidential Candidate,

As former chairmen of the Republican and Democratic National Committees,
we are convinced that good politics start with good policy. Nothing is
more important than showing Americans where you want to lead. And we
believe there's no more important issue to our nation in the 21st
century than the need for continuing education reform.

Just today the U.S. Department of Education released a study that showed
that we are failing to set adequate education standards for our
children. The study indicated that among fourth graders, for example,
every single state evaluated has set standards for reading that fall
below the national level of proficiency - and all but eight set
standards for reading so low that they even fell below the national
level for basic reading skills. This nationwide failure to set adequate
standards is not limited to reading and it is taking a dramatic toll on
our global competitiveness.

A survey released last month by the Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development stated flatly that, "[a] country's ability
to compete in an ever more integrated world economy depends crucially on
a highly educated workforce. However, with many countries making more
progress in this respect, the United States has lost its leading

The economic security of our nation and of American families is at risk,
and voters have made it clear that they look to the presidential
candidates for the leadership to address this crisis. Polling by the
Pew Research Center shows that 76% of Americans want to hear more about
candidates' issue positions, and Republican and Democrat primary voters
name the economy and education among the top tier of important issues
affecting their vote.

As these recent studies will have voters thinking about our education
crisis, we believe that there needs to be a national conversation about
the need for comprehensive education reform. We are hopeful that you
will be a constructive participant in this conversation, discussing your
vision for a strong education system.

When choosing a president, Americans look for someone who can inspire
and lead them - especially in times of crisis. By addressing our
nation's deepening education crisis, you can show the voters that you
are that kind of leader.


Roy R. Romer
Ken Mehlman
Strong American Schools
Strong American Schools

— Roy R. Romer and Ken Mehlman
Strong American Schools


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