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NCLB Outrages

President Left Behind

Good parallel with Iraq. Why won't the Democrats take up impeachment?

by TMD

As a teacher, I can tell you first hand what a detriment NCLB has been to many schools.

I think that the standards Bush wants use for public schools should also be used for his own administration and policies.

NCLB says that students will reach proficiency within 12 years. So, take 100%, divide it by 12, and that's what amount of increase in success a school must have each year. Why not apply this to what's going on in Iraq?

Wait . . . that would be setting a TIMETABLE or some sort of BENCHMARKS - which we actually call our state-mandated tests! How ironic!

"When schools fail to make progress, No Child Left Behind needs to give parents different options," Bush said. "In other words, you cannot tolerate a system where a child is stuck in a school which will not teach and will not change." (Washington Post)

This too should apply to Bush and his administration. We need another choice - and November, 2008 is too far away. Impeachment, anyone? Hmmmmm???

"Yesterday, Bush rejected the criticism that No Child Left Behind is an inflexible federal intrusion. "Quite the opposite," he said. "The federal government has said: 'We believe in local control of schools. You reform them. You fix them. We're just going to insist you measure in return for the billions we spend on your behalf.' " (Washington Post)

Okay. DITTO. Same goes for your efforts regarding Iraq, hurricane relief, curbing global climate change, health care, etc. We just want to MEASURE SUCCESS in some fashion. You, sir, refuse.

"In his comments yesterday, Bush said the law has been a success, citing a recent study by the nonprofit Center on Education Policy, which found that the nation's students have performed significantly better on state reading and math tests since the measure went into effect." (Washington Post)

Well, the key words there are "state tests." This is true for many states like Mississippi and Texas who LOWERED the bar for what "proficient" actually is on their state tests.

From USA Today: "For example, 89% of Mississippi fourth-graders passed the state's reading test in 2005, but only 18% passed the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) test. That gap of 71 percentage points was the widest in the nation."

Bush is just FKing up the school systems (more than they already were) with NCLB. Just like he's doing with the Middle East, freedom of speech, liberty, justice, or any other topic.

I think he needs a dose of his own medicine. He needs standards, benchmarks, timetables, and other measures of success (or measures of fewer CFs). Practice what you preach, Mr. President. Just hold yourself to a standard like you do the millions of school children, teachers, and administrators across our country.

Arkansas Times blog


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