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by Conny Jensen

If only people (especially those in business, including students majoring in business) would read books such as Turbo-Capitalism - Winners and Losers in the Global Economy by Edward Luttwak, they would realize that only a small number of all the envisioned "proficient" students" will ultimately find a slot away from the base of the pyramid that is capitalism!

Well paying high-tech jobs requiring advanced math and science will be few. Yet, Gates and others believe it necessary that kids are pushed in that direction whether it is their area of strength, or love, or not! Why do we even believe this hype, when according to BBC World News corporate America is already investing money in research and development labs in China, therewith supporting the graduates over there instead of here? Why? It's not because there are no smart graduates here as we are supposed to believe. It's because investing in Chinese graduates and labs is cheaper! Having more science and math majors here is not going to change that! Luttwak writes "Corporations are not moral entities. They exist to earn profits"

Indeed! They are opportunists, lacking allegiance to their own country, fellow citizens and even their own employees which they easily lay off under the guise of "restructuring." At a later time they rehire, but at lower wages and offering fewer benefits! Clearly corporations will employ any strategy that promises profit, including outsourcing which has nothing to do with the talent pool stateside, but with savings instead.

Writes Luttwak, "...even at the height of the boom in 1997, there was still an oversupply of software engineers in general, so much so that employers could pick and choose among job applicants, specifically picking the young who cost less, while rejecting mid-career applicants - not something they could afford to do if there were a shortage."

As an example, since 1997 Microsoft has only hired 2% of all software writing applicants! The other dozen or so smaller software companies hire even fewer which leaves more than 70% of qualified people without a job of their choice!

That's what "Business" hopes No Child Left Behind will "produce." An over supply of qualified human resources for any field in which large profits can be made to drive down wages and generate more profit for who? The CEO's and the stock holders!!

— Conny Jensen


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